In Defens; voices resolute in opposition to new build at Craighouse.

After Napier University sold the estate at Craighouse to an off-shore holding company owned/handled by Mountgrange Investment Management LLP, there has been grave fear in the local community that the beautiful green space would be decimated.

The plans put forward by the almost cabal-esque Craighouse Partnership – comprising Napier University, Mountgrange and Sundial – have been put to the community, rejected and put forward again in a more severe form.  Their current proposals would see the Orchard, the green space at the bottom of the lawn, and several other key areas of the site destroyed.  The essence and brilliance of the site would be forever lost.

Despite being contrary to the Local Development Plan and proposing extensive new build on a heavily protected site, for some reason it appears the Craighouse Partnership are still blithely promoting their plans.

Thankfully, the protests against these proposals are gathering apace.  Friends of Craighouse have secured formal opposition from two community councils, a petition comprising over 4,500 signatures, strong statements from a number of politicians, a letter of opposition from the Cockburn Association and yesterday Jim Eadie MSP stated he will “…vigorously oppose any planning application based on these proposals”.  You can read their article in full here.

I hope you will stand with us and oppose any new build on the Craighouse estate.  Originally designed as an asylum, it has survived for over 200 years as a pristine example of how the natural environment can heal.  Thousands of people from the local community use the land to relax, walk, take in views of the city and view the fireworks during the festival.  From families and children to romantic couples and the elderly, there are few people nearby that do not take amenity from the site.  Should we all be deprived and Edinburgh left so much poorer to satisfy the avarice of the few?

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