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Every word is sacred; free speech, again.

Needless to say that there’s been a wee bit of a debate going on in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo killings.  Leaving aside, for a moment, that this debate has been stirred by the death of 12 people in Europe and not the … Continue reading

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Yes, yes, yes! Why you should vote for Scottish Independence.

I am voting Yes on Thursday. Here’s why: Scotland’s voters have precious little influence over what party is in government at Westminster.  In 2010, we returned one lone Tory MP yet have been subjected to a Tory government.  In 1979, 1983, … Continue reading

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12 Angry Men; the importance of debate.

At the moment, the Scottish Referendum debate is in full swing. It is both exciting and frightening: we have I think 97% voter registration in the midst of stark divisions, even between friends and family. I have heard people say … Continue reading

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Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone; Craighouse call-in.

In our modern world, hardly a day passes in which we are not made aware of yet another instance of corruption by the powerful, abuse of the vulnerable, adverse influence of corporate lobbyists, or just outright failure of the democratic tradition.  It … Continue reading

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Asking the wrong questions; Brendan Eich, boycotts & freedom of speech.

In recent days, the appointment of Brendan Eich as CEO of Mozilla has caused somewhat of a stir.  This is in no small part due to Eich’s history of political donations to various right-wing curiosities, specifically his donations to campaigns … Continue reading

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A question of principle; Edinburgh Napier University’s Principal, Dame Joan Stringer, issues press release on Craighouse.

Presumably in response to the recent letter sent by Friends of Craighouse, the Principal of Edinburgh Napier University, Dame Joan Stringer, has issued a press release. Given this is one of the precious few public statements made by Joan – … Continue reading

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In Defens; voices resolute in opposition to new build at Craighouse.

After Napier University sold the estate at Craighouse to an off-shore holding company owned/handled by Mountgrange Investment Management LLP, there has been grave fear in the local community that the beautiful green space would be decimated. The plans put forward … Continue reading

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Promise me this; manifestos for the Edinburgh local Council elections 2012.

The local Council election campaigning in Edinburgh is heating up before people go to the polls next Thursday, 3rd May. Manifestos As an easy point of reference, here are links to the manifestos of the five main parties a number … Continue reading

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Pistols at nightfall; Wikipedia blackout and shelving of SOPA.

In the last few hours, the English language version of Wikipedia has confirmed that it will go dark for 24 hours on Wednesday this week (18th January 2012) in protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which has been debated … Continue reading

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Watch yer language; David Cameron compares Ed Miliband to someone with Tourette’s.

Not a month ago, I had written about Daniel Moylan’s comment in the London Evening Standard where he described Ken Livingston as “schizophrenic”.  Hot on Moylan’s heals we have our glorious leader, David Cameron, in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph describe speaking … Continue reading

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